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Hi, I'm Liz

I'm a painter, muralist, illustrator, and graphic designer living in the Okanagan Valley with my husband and two daughters. My work is high energy with bright and bold color, and I like to explore visual stories and ideas of connection, interaction, expression, and beauty. I earned my BFA in Visual Arts at UBC Okanagan, and I specialize in portrait painting, digital illustration, brand design, and murals.

Some recent projects include Murals (as JOMAE in collaboration with my husband Dylan Ranney), and other artworks commissioned for various Companies, Agencies, Apps, Podcasts, Authors, and Musicians.  My work is featured on product designs, exterior walls, merchandise, and in online/print features and interviews. I've had three solo exhibitions, and participated in numerous group exhibitions and live painting events.  I am an auto-telic creator, and I love mentoring others in their creative aspirations. I've been teaching art classes in a wide range of disciplines for over 10 years.  Pre-pandemic, my husband and I ran the New Arts Collective in downtown Kelowna from 2017-2020, which was a creative hub and collective for artists in a wide range of disciplines.

I am available for commissions! My most popular requests are brand packages, digital illustrations, visual solutions, murals, and portrait paintings.  Connect with me about your vision, and let's make it happen!

My latest works can be viewed at Intrigue Wines in Lake Country, B.C.

Murals and inquiries at www.heyjomae.com

Featured on episode 33 of Bold Artist Podcast! Listen here!


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