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Here are some frequently asked questions, with answers! 

If you don't see your question answered below, please get in touch!

Let's get these 3 questions outta the way:


Will I work for exposure or a name drop?

The answer is no. Exposure pays no bills.


Will I donate artwork?

That depends, so please get in touch.

I donate annually to local charities and causes when I can!


Will I sell my work as NFT's or other Crypto Currencies?

No siree Bob. I don't do this. But thanks for being interested!

Great! Now here are some more details!


Murals are created as JOMAE, which is myself and my husband Dylan. We have been making murals for over 10 years together, and we have our process locked in.



Murals have many different factors that come into account when building an estimate. No two estimates are alike!  It's best to get in touch with a few questions already answered, because it can help speed up the process, and also give an idea about what needs to be taken into consideration. 

Provide details for the following:

  • Size (if you are considering a few different sizes and price points, please provide details)

  • Location (indoor or outdoor)

  • Access (limited hours or 24/7?)

  • Timeline, and deadline (Is there an opening day, or budget deadline?)

  • Can the wall be reached at ground level? Or is a lift required?

  • Do you have a brand guide that needs to be considered in the design?

  • Do you have a project budget?

  • Do you want paint or vinyl?

  • Do you require an anti-graffiti coating?

Regarding subject matter:

Yes, we can do commercial murals.  Our style is our signature, so when you commission a mural from us, you're going to get a fun and vibrant piece that aligns with our artistic voice. We do NOT paint any other artist's work, licensed stock images, or any other images you find online. Every single mural is created from scratch after carefully collaborating with our clients on a mood board, with hand picked details and brand consideration.  To view more of our style, and what we make, check out our portfolio here.

Brand Packages


Depending on the assets that you require, there are a few different tiers for brand packages. These packages are scalable, and custom built.  I normally provide a few different price points to consider. Please get in touch, and I will provide some questions to get the estimate started. 



Paintings are estimated at square inch pricing.  It's also important to note that I very rarely take on commissions if there is a rush deadline (because you don't want a rushed painting!) Please give at least 2-3 months notice for painting commissions.


Regarding subject matter:

Please look through my portfolio of previous work, and see if we would be a good fit. If you don't see it in my portfolio, it doesn't necessarily mean that I wouldn't paint it- BUT keep in mind that I have a style, and when you commission work from me, you're commissioning my style (ie. you won't be getting a photo-realistic dog painting).  



I charge a flat fee per illustration. Printing is NOT included in the illustration cost, as there are a few factors like size, paper, and shipping to take into account. If you would like to license the illustration, this is also an additional cost, and is completely dependent on the type AND quantity of use.

Illustration cost + Printing + Shipping + Licensing = Total Estimate

Graphic design

Yes, I make posters and other marketing materials!



Depending on the project, I may charge per hour, or I might opt to charge a flat fee for the scope of the project. It varies from project to project. Whether its an album artwork, book cover, event poster, re-usable template, sticker design, package design, or other fun design project- please get in touch to tell me more! 


When will my shop items get shipped to me?

Please allow up to 14 days for paintings to ship.  Paintings need to be shipped properly and packaged with care.  I will be in touch to discuss your painting's shipping and arrival, and coordinate to make sure you are on the other end to receive it.

Prints, stickers and other: Please allow 7 days for shipping. I typically process the order in 1-2 days, but depending on your address and business days, it might take up to a week to receive your items. If you are local, let's chat about meeting up!


Something is wrong with my order.

This happens sometimes! Please get in touch with me, and I will make it right.

Something that I want is out of stock. When will it be available again, and can I request a re-stock?

If there is an item out of stock and it is still on the shop page, I will re-stock it as soon as possible.


If an item has been removed from the shop page, it means the item will no longer be stocked.  I typically only do this with older items, as I need to make room for new exciting things! In any case, if you are curious about a specific item returning to the shop, please let me know!

If an item shows low stock, and you would like a larger quantity (10+ of a single item), I can easily place the order as long as you are able to prepay in advance.  Get in touch, and we can make this happen!


I reached out to you on Instagram, and you haven't replied:

This happens sometimes. As we have more filters for spam, and message requests go missing, it's important that you EMAIL me by filling out the contact form on my website. I typically respond within 24 hours, and I check my inbox frequently throughout the day. But I am a one-person team, and sometimes need a little longer!  I also don't work on the weekends, so if you are waiting on a reply, it will happen during business days (Monday to Friday).


The artwork that we got from you will need to be licensed for additional usage. Can we do that?

Yes, absolutely! Let's get in touch to discuss the next steps.

I got a logo from someone else and I need it vectored. Can you do that?

No, as it's not my artwork! Please get in touch with the original artist to have that done. Alternatively, I can create something new!

We have a brand, and we have a logo, but it's just not exciting anymore and it's starting to feel outdated. Can you help?

YES! Brand re-invigoration is something I love working on. I am passionate about elevating brands to their fullest potential. This is a VERY collaborative process that involves many parts. Please get in touch to find out what is possible, if brand re-invigoration is the best path (versus a re-design) and what it's going to take. Monthly retainer options are available.  Buckle up, this is going to be a fun journey!

you still have a question?
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